New Movie: Meth Head

Great news! Scott posted on his facebook page that he joined the cast of the movie Meth Head, starring Lukas Haas. He will play the father. Stay tuned!


07 Dec 2010 by susi
Tyler Shields Photoshoot: Scott & Tyler Cole

Folks, go to TylerShields.com and check out the new photoshoot with Scott and Taylor Cole. There's also a video clip. Amazing.

Also, I've uploaded a couple of screencaps from last nights episode of The Event. Beware if you haven't seen the episode yet. They're quite spoiler-y.

30 Nov 2010 by susi
Scott @ California AIDS Walk Concert (September, 2010)
30 Nov 2010 by susi
The Event: 1x07 & 1x08 Screencaps
16 Nov 2010 by susi
The Event: Episode Stills
24 Oct 2010 by susi

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